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For information about enrolling your child or volunteering as a teacher contact the church office or email.  To see more of our children in action please click on our album:  Photos of Our Youth

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St. Demetrios Sunday School

Church School

St. Demetrios’ Church School for children and youth from preschool through high school meets after Holy Communion until 12:00 p.m. every Sunday throughout the regular school year. In addition to classroom instruction and discussion about the practice and principles of the Orthodox Christian faith, Church School classes participate in charitable donation drives for local charities and Orthodox ministries.    

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St. Demetrios Greek School Dancers

Greek School    

St. Demetrios’ Greek School offers Greek language and Greek dance classes for children from preschool through grade school.  Adult Greek language instruction is also available. Classes meet late afternoons and early evenings throughout the regular school year.  Greek School promotes fellowship and fun in the process of learning about Greek heritage in the Orthodox Christian tradition.

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The word acolyte comes from the Greek and means attendant that is free from sin. Acolytes or altar boys have a very important role in the Orthodox Church services. They help priests and bishops better serve God and the Church. Altar boys represent the angels of the church because they are pure and are always ready to assist all those who need them. It is a great honor to serve as an acolyte. When you are an acolyte, you have to realize that it is a privilege to serve God this way. You will have the chance to get first-hand exposure to the liturgy by participating in it. You will create many memories of your special role in the Orthodox family. All young men over age 10 are encouraged to serve in the altar. No experience necessary. Altar boys are asked to arrive by 10:00 a.m.

Acolytes during Easter Procession

Orthodox Campus Fellowship (OCF)

Send us the contact information for your prospective students.  

We are currently seeking the names and contact information of all students who are or will be attending a college or university this Summer or Fall. We want to give their information to the national OCF, so they can contact them about a local OCF chapter. Please send names, email, phone numbers and the institution to Fr. Gianulis at

Additionally, Fr. Gianulis will be serving as spriritual advisor to the William & Mary OCF, along with Fr. James Purdie of St. Basil's in Hampton.

Camp Good Shepherd

Camp Good Shepherd is the Metropolis youth camp which provides a living, vibrant experience of Greek Orthodox Christianity faith and culture. It strives to strengthen the child’s faith by fostering a life-long appreciation of Orthodoxy.  Each day begins and ends at the chapel, with morning and evening prayers. Daily life at Camp Good Shepherd includes many traditional summer camp activities that emphasize fun, fellowship and learning. The overall goal of the Camp is to instill in the child an understanding of the Orthodox faith while embracing the life of the Church and developing deep relationships with peers their own age.   Beginning this year a second location, Camp Good Shepherd Virginia, located at Camp Piankatank, Hartfield, Virginia, will be available for youth ages 11-18.

Camp Good Shepherd Virginia Camp Good Shepherd
Camp Piankatank, Hartfield, Virginia

(Ages 11-18)- Sunday, June 28th - Friday, July 3rd

Camp Good Shepherd
Linwood MacDonald Retreat Center, 1 Flatbrook Rd., Branchville, NJ

JOY (Ages 8-12) – Sunday, July 12th – Saturday, July 18th
GOYA (Ages 13-18) Week I – Sunday, July 19th – Saturday, July 25th
GOYA (Ages 13-18) Week II – Sunday, July 26th – Saturday, August 1st

For more information please contact the Metropolis Youth Office at 908.301.0500 or