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"Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God." - Romans 15:7

St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church is dedicated to imitating the love and faithfulness of Jesus Christ by sharing the Gospel in word and deed. We worship the Holy Trinity according to the Faith and Tradition of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Our witnessing to the Faith is accomplished through the sacramental life, our values, traditions; stewardship, fellowship, service, and Christian education.

Archpastoral Encyclicals

Statement on the Incident in Minneapolis

From His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos



From His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos



Μετά πατρικῆς ἀγάπης καί διαπύρων εὐχῶν, Ο ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ + Ὁ Νέας Ἰερσέης ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ


Parish News

Fr. Gianulis hosts Wednesday night Bible Study on Zoom from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.
The weekly e-bulletin has connection information.

Please join us for this uplifting and informative weekly discussion.



Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely. (Proverbs 28:5)

I think it is safe to say that we are all deeply disturbed by the events that have transpired this past week. First was the horrible and tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. No matter what your political persuasion, the images clearly indicate that the actions of the officers, who have now been charged with crimes, were excessive and unwarranted. Clearly, they caused the death of this man.

Next was the reaction nationwide, and now even internationally. What started as peaceful protest quickly erupted into an opportunity for violence and looting. There was a lot of rage out there and perhaps that is to be expected, but it should not be an excuse for violent crimes and theft of property. The peaceful protests in many cases were coopted by extremist and anarchist groups. They are robbing the protest of its righteous message.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves now. Panagia might very well be crying over us right now. When will we learn to love one another?

Our first recourse in these troubled times should be to prayer. Pray for healing of our nation and peace. Next, we should seek understanding and reconciliation. Especially we, so many of us, whose roots were in ethnic groups that were not readily accepted in this land, should seek to care about other groups. Our reaction should be born of love, as our Lord has modeled for us and yes, even commanded of us if we are to be His disciples. Nowhere, never, did He say it would be easy.

You are encouraged to join our Williamsburg Community this Sunday, June 7, at 2pm, in front of the Williamsburg Capitol Building in Colonial Williamsburg. This is a peaceful and collaborative community rally is set to mark a renewal of our 2017 "Historic Triangle Covenant of Mutuality, Inclusion and Understanding with the African American Community." Various community and religious leaders, civic leaders and area police departments Chiefs will be present. 

Fr. Gianulis will be there as will many of the members of our clergy association HART.


Giving our time, talent, and treasure to the Church is an opportunity – an opportunity to examine our priorities and values. It is an opportunity to express our thankfulness, to give of ourselves and to grow in grace. It is an opportunity to participate in the work of God by

  • Worshiping together in a beautiful sanctuary
  • Teaching our children our faith
  • Learning the Greek language and celebrating our culture and traditions
  • Better understanding the Word of God in weekly Bible Study
  • Practicing our faith through supporting community charities
  • Celebrating life events
  • Comforting and being comforted

We are called to apply our gifts, training, abilities, education and skills to the tasks that God places before us. If we do this humbly and prayerfully, the body of Christ will function to its full potential.

St. Demetrios is a stewardship parish. There is no minimum commitment required for anyone to be considered a member of the parish. We do ask that you prayerfully consider your annual commitment and be generous with your time, talents, and treasure. We are a small community that is deeply thankful for your donations and grateful for your willingness to volunteer.

More information is available from the stewardship page on our web site. Click here for the web site and commitment card. Commitment cards are also available in the Narthex. We ask that each family complete a commitment card each year so we can keep our membership rolls current and better plan our budget.



As you may have noticed, we have a simple bookstore between the sanctuary and the hall. We would like to improve our inventory and offer a variety of selections for sale. What we need most right now is someone to take charge of the bookstore operation.  We also need a few volunteers who could open the bookstore on Sundays after Divine Liturgy. If you are interested in this stewardship ministry, please contact Fr. Gianulis.



Fr. Gianulis is serving as spriritual advisor to the William & Mary OCF.


PHILIP LUDWELL III AND EARLY AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY offers fresh perspectives on the history of early America through the prism of the life, community, and worldview of Colonel Philip Ludwell III of Green Spring (Williamsburg), Virginia. Philip Ludwell III is the first known convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity in the Americas. He was a prominent figure in pre-revolutionary Virginia and a relative by blood or marriage of many great early figures in American history from George Washington to Robert E. Lee. Over two hundred years later, his life and inspiring story of faith is becoming known and reshaping our view of the diversity of early America and its connections with the rest of the world. This site is regularly updated with research, breaking news, information about scholarly and religious events, archaeological findings, as well as details of ongoing projects. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to stay informed about our activities.




Worship Schedule

Although the Church will re-open for in person services, we will still live stream for those who may not attend out of an abundance of caution. Please join us on line for Sunday Divine Liturgy  via YouTube .  Click  HERE  and you will go directly to the St. Demetrios livestream. Orthros, 9 a.m. Divine Liturgy, 10 a.m.


St Demeteios YouTube









We are pleased to announce that we will open up for public worship this Sunday. We look forward to your attendence if, and only if, you are comfortable doing so. As we open, consider that we all share the responsibility of maintaining a safe and controled worship environment. Your Parish Council will be on hand to assist you in doing your part in maintaining the protocols listed below.

What should you do for your part?

  • Please arrive early. The procedures upon entry may take some time. You will need to register with your name, phone number and email address prior to entering the sanctuary.
  • If you are elderly, in a more vulnerable situation, or have been exposed to anyone who has contracted the Coronavirus, STAY HOME and watch our services via YouTube.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands immediately before entering the sanctuary. 
  • Allow the Parish Council member on duty to take your temperature (we have no touch thermometers) and ask important questions about your health and contacts.
  • Wear a mask.  Masks will be required. Bring one from home, but if you do not have one, one will be provided for you.
  • Maintain a minimum of 6 feet social distancing while in the services. Only immediate families will be able to sit together.
  • When receiving Holy Communion, open your mouth wide and tilt your head back so that communion may be dropped into your mouth without touching. Do not wipe your mouth with the cloth.
  • Antidoron will be given on request only in a plastic bag.
  • Do not kiss any icons or the hand of the priest. Bow before the icon. Do not shake any hands or hug your friends. Do not congregate outside following the liturgy. Please return to your cars and homes.
  • A collection tray will not be passed, but please offer a weekly donation. We are way behind in our budget. A basket to deposit your checks, envelopes or cash will be placed at the back of the sanctuary.



A Church is always in need of certain essential items, such as oil, wine and bread. No need to ask, but feel free at anytime to bring olive oil for the eternal light that burns behind the altar; sweet red wine, like Camandaria or Mavrodaphne, for the holy communion; and the altar bread, prosforo, that is used for holy communion and antidoron.



...but he is not a mind reader. If you are sick and hospitalized, or have any other pastoral or sacramental need, do not hesitate to call him. Fr. Gianulis can always be reached by calling the church phone number, 220-0994. If he is not in, leave a message and it will be delivered to his cell phone.



There is a great need and the food pantry shelves are starting to empty. There are two big ways we can help:

1. Donate items. attached below is a list of nonperishable foods and toiletries that they need right now. Highest of need are canned proteins: canned tuna, canned chicken, canned beans and pork, peanut butter, and canned pasta meals. Then next on the list is canned fruits and vegetables. People can either drop off these items to Williamsburg House of Mercy from 10am to 4pm each day, or they can order them on Amazon and have them delivered. They have an outside dop-off bin. Williamsburg House of Mercy is located at:

Williamsburg House of Mercy

10 Harrison Avenue

Williamsburg, VA 23185


2. Donate financially. The easiest way to do is to go directly to their giving page on their website here:




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Parish Calendar

Jun 7


9 am Orthros

10 am Divine Liturgy

11 am Vespers of the Holy Spirit

Jun 10

7 pm

Meeting ID: 210 068 7480
Password: 208156  ?googlelink=">Zoom Orthodox Study with Fr. Milton Gianulis

Jun 14

9 am Orthros

10 am Divine Liturgy

11 am Trisaghion Nikolai Vesnin 10 year

11:30 am 40 Day Blessing (Evangelos)

Jun 15

6:30 pm Parish Council

Jun 16

6 pm Baptism. Natalie Norwicki

Jun 20

2 pm Nowicki-Williams Wedding

Jun 21

9 am Orthros

10 am Divine Liturgy

Jun 28

9 am Orthros

10 am Divine Liturgy

Jul 5

9 am Orthros

10 am Divine Liturgy

Jul 12

9 am Orthros

10 am Divine Liturgy

Jul 18

3 pm Kopetas - Andrews Wedding

POC: 803-389-8552

Jul 19

9 am Orthros

10 am Divine Liturgy

Jul 26

9 am Orthros

10 am Divine Liturgy